Our Lovely  Guinea Pig  & Rabbit  Guests 


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Stimulation, both mental and physical is essential for the health and well being of all animals. We provide great Indoor play areas with a variety of toys & tunnels for guinea pigs & a separate room with a run play area for rabbits (great for them to spend some time outside their cage and also when the weather is not suitable to be outdoors) For birds we have an indoor tree play area and we also have a play area/ playground for hamsters & gerbils, all appropriate for the different type of animals. We also provide activities for all small pets boarding with us. Outside area with fenced in gardens & separate runs  for guinea pigs and rabbits available for them to exercise and get fresh air for up to 4 hours for guinea pigs (longer in the summer months) and 4 to 6 hours for rabbits daily (weather permitting) indoor runs available for the rainy days or when the weather isn't suitable for them to be out. All runs & play areas are supervised.

     Our Beautiful Bird Guests