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About us

We are a family run business that provides a loving and safe boarding service environment for small animals in our own home.

Our family are big animal lovers and have kept and loved many of our own pets over the years and we can assure you that we will

look after your pet the same way we look after our own, with lots of care, cuddles and personal attention.

We opened our family business in September 2019 and have had 100's of Furry and Feathered Guests enjoy our 5 Star treatment.

We are proud in providing a top quality 5 star experience for your pets where they can relax, have fun and enjoy their holiday.

It has been a true pleasure to look after all our furry and feather guests.


We believe that your pet should also have a great holiday and we try our best to create the right environment for them and

give the attention and freedom to express themselves.

Stimulation, both mental and physical is essential for the health and well-being of all animals. We provide spacious cages/pen's

and lots of enrichment activities are available for all pets boarding with us.   


We will send you updates of your pets well- being by photos, videos and texts,

for a better peace of mind while you are away and to share with you how much fun

they are having on their holiday.

You can relax on your holiday knowing that we take good care of your pet while you're away​.

Professional qualification – Distinction Level Diploma in Animal care

Animal psychology studies


We are CRO/ROS registered and insured business.

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