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Little Pets Holiday Home
Small Animal Boarding

Our Services

Little Pets Holiday home is a family run business. We provide a Small Animal Boarding service for pets such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Hamsters, Turtles, etc.        



We are professional & qualified in animal care. 

We have over 100 five star reviews on Google and a lifetime experience in looking after and caring for our own pets, so we can assure you that we will look after your pet the same as our own, with lots of care, cuddles and personal attention. 


We have a Collection & Drop Off service available.   ​​      ​​

We provide a pampering & grooming service for our rabbit and guinea pig guests.  ​​      ​​

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Small Pet Boarding

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a secure, clean and safe environment for small animals, where they can relax, have fun and enjoy their stay.                           

We believe that your pet should also have a great holiday, that's why we don't take large amounts of animals at one time. This is so we can give all our guests lots of personal attention, create the right environment for them, give the attention that they deserve and also giving them freedom to express themselves.                     

Stimulation, both mental and physical is essential for the health and well being of all animals. We provide spacious cages/pen's and lots of enrichment activities available for all pets boarding with us. All appropriate for different types of animals. 

It is great for us and the pet owners to see them having so much fun on their holiday.                         

We want to provide an affordable and professional service for small animals, caring for animals is what we are passionate about it.​

Happy New Year 2023

Rabbit  Boarding

Rabbit room  & outdoor rabbit area with pen’s available.                                                                                   

All our rabbit guests stay indoors in their pen or cage and have their own litter, bedding, water bowl, fresh hay and grass, toys, homemade treats, physical and mental enrichment activities.                                                                    

They will also have their own outdoor pen or hutch, to spend time outdoors, eat fresh grass, have fun and exercise.  Weather permitting.    

Floor time available if they are housed in a cage.                                                

Guinea Pig  Boarding

Guinea pig room  & outdoor guinea pig only area with pen’s available. 

Weather permitting. 

All guinea pigs are housed indoors and have their own cage, fresh hay and grass water bottles, hide outs, litter tray, etc.  

Guinea pigs and rabbits are housed in separate outdoor areas and have their own pen's.

Bird Boarding

Birds are housed in their own cage. Bird cages available for boarding, or you can bring your own cage depending on the size. 

we supply, fruit/vegetables, bird baths, millet spray.                                                   

Bird activities set up and we can also take them individually outside their cage if they are hand reared and with the bird owner’s consent.

Hamster Boarding

We have a couple of large cages available for boarding or you can bring your own cage.

Floor time & Play area set ups available for hamsters with owner's consent. 


€10 per Day for 1 rabbit

Indoor pen or cage

Extra charge for the

10ft long pen


All rabbits must be fully vaccinated 

Nobivac Myxo RHD PLus that

covers all 3 virus 

Please note that if we do have availability, bookings cannot be confirmed until we have a photo of your rabbit vaccination records

from the vet. 


€6 per Day for

1 Hamster

Price List 


Due to the increased cost of heating, lighting, cleaning and laundry we have to increase the price from October 2023 by €2 per day for rabbits and guinea pigs. Discount for the second pet still applies.


Guinea pigs


€8 per Day for 1 guinea pig

Extra charge for large c&c cages



€8 per Day for 1 budgie 

€8 per Day for 1 Lovebird

€10 per Day for 1 cockatiel

€10 per Day for a Galah Cockatoo Parrot


€10 per Day for 1 Turtle

€10 per Day for

1 Leopard Gecko

Other Services

Quoted on request for other small animals or birds not listed.

Collection & Drop off Service

€5 each way - within 5 miles/8km from Celbridge

€10 each way - more than 5 miles/8km up to 10miles/16km from Celbridge 

Pampering & Grooming service available for

our boarding guests


Our guests accommodation

Contact us



We are Just 15 mins from the M50 and 30 mins to Dublin Airport and Dublin city centre

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Opening Hours


Drop off & Collection times

are by appointment only

Monday - Saturday

7:00 am - 10:00 am


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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