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Welcome to
Little Pets Holiday Home

Small Animal Boarding

At Little Pets Holiday Home, we understand that every pet is unique

and know how much your little one means to you.

We are committed to making sure that your pet is happy and healthy

while in our care, by providing

a loving and safe environment for them while you're away.

 With many years of experience, our dedicated team ensures that your pets receive the care and attention they deserve.

Our Services

We provide a professional and specialised boarding service in our own home for small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, turtles, etc. 



  • Pampering & grooming service for our rabbit and guinea pig guests. 

  • Collection & Drop Off service available. 

About us

Little Pets Holiday Home is a family-run small business for small animal boarding located in our home in Celbridge Co.Kildare. We are just 15 mins away from the M50 and 30 mins to Dublin City Centre and the airport.

We are passionate about providing a safe and loving environment for all pets in our care. We are qualified in animal care and are proud to provide a top quality five-star experience for your pets, where they can relax, have fun and enjoy their holiday. Caring for animals is what we are passionate about it.​ 


We have over 150 five-star reviews in Google from our lovely customers for the past 5 years in business. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your pets receive the care and attention they deserve, giving you peace of mind while

you're away.

Rabbit  Boarding

€12 per Day for 1 rabbit

Half price for any extra bonded rabbit sharing the same indoor cage or pen.

Our rabbit guests stay indoors in their own pen or cage and have a litter, bedding, water bowl or bottle, bed, unlimited fresh hay and grass also available, tunnel, toys, homemade treats, physical and mental enrichment activities and cuddles.

Our indoor rabbit room is heated during the colder months, with air conditioning available for the hot summer days if needed. 

Rabbits also have their own outdoor pen to have fun, exercise and eat fresh grass (Weather permitting). Each rabbit will be checked on a regular basis indoors and supervised when outdoors in the grass or in our covered patio area. 

For safety reasons, rabbits will not mix with any other pet guests.

Bonded pairs of rabbits can share the same enclosure if they are spayed or neutered.

All rabbits must be fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease a strain of (R (V)HD1 & 2 

The name of the yearly vaccine is Nobivac Myxo RHD PLus that covers all 3 viruses.

Price List 

Guinea Pig  Boarding


€10 per Day for 1 guinea pig

Half price for any extra bonded guinea pigs sharing the same cage.

Guinea pig room & outdoor area are exclusive to our guinea pigs guests to spend some time outdoors, eating grass and exploring in their pen (Weather permitting).Play area set ups available for exploring time.

All guinea pigs are housed indoors in a heated room and have their own cage, hide outs, unlimited fresh hay and grass, water bottle, litter tray, etc.

We do regular checks during the day and also give them mental enrichment activities and cuddles.

You can please let us know in advance about their routines and what vegetables/herbs/fruit they normally eat and we are happy to supply it.

Hamster Boarding

€6 per Day for 1 Hamster


€10 per Day for 1 Turtle

Bird Boarding

€8 per Day for 1 budgie 

€8 per Day for 1 Lovebird

€10 per Day for 1 cockatiel

Half price for any extra bonded bird sharing the same cage.

Birds are housed in their own cage. Bird cages are available for boarding, or you can bring your own cage depending on the size. 

We supply, fruit/vegetables, bird baths, millet spray.                                                   

Quoted on request for other small animals or birds not listed.

Other Services

Collection & Drop off Service 

Pampering & Grooming service available for our boarding guests.