Our Services

We take small amounts of animals for the best quality care

Price List 2021

Prices are for one pet For each extra bonded pet sharing the same cage a charge of €2 per day extra applies.

Discounts available for a 2 week stay and long term stay.

€6 per day - €8 per day for 2 pets sharing the same cage

Birds: Budgie, Canary, Love bird, Parrotlet Hamster, Gerbil


€8 per day - €10 for 2 bonded pets sharing the same cage

Guinea pig, Chinchilla, Degu

Bird - Cockatiel

€10 per day

For 1 Rabbit, Hedgehog, Large Bird - Parrot

Reptile - Turtle, Leopard Gecko

There is an extra charge for the 10ft indoor pen for rabbits.

Quoted on request for any other small animals, birds and reptiles not listed

You are welcome to bring your pet’s favourite toys, treats, blanket, etc. If you feel this will help your pet settle in better.

All prices include: Top quality care with lots of attention and cuddles. Hay, grass, fresh vegetables and herbs, indoor housing, bedding, water bottles, hide outs, toys, litter box, homemade natural treats and lots of activities are available to  all pets boarding with us. fruit, apple and willow sticks, etc.


Sand & Dust baths are also available for hamsters, gerbils and Chinchillas and for birds we supply, bird bath, millet spray, cuttlefish bone.

You will need to bring your pet’s dry food.

Prices are per Day/Night  – Each day ending at 12 pm. (Midday)

Collection & Drop off Service

€5 each way - within 5 miles/8 Km

from Celbridge

€10 each way - for more than 5 miles/8 km 

from Celbridge

Rabbit Boarding - Kildare - Dublin

All rabbits must have vaccinations up to date

Please note that bookings cannot be confirmed until we have a copy of your rabbit vaccination card or an invoice from the vet.  Rabbits must be fully vaccinated against all 3 virus either with  2 vaccines

RHDV1 & RHDV2 or with ONE the NEW vaccine - Nobivac MyxoRHD plus that covers all 3 virus (3 in 1)

Please read the link below and ask you vet for advice.


Pampering & Grooming Service available for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits boarding with us