Our Services

We take small amounts of animals for the best quality care

       Our Boarding prices

           are per cage

size up to 2 pets sharing 

All rabbits must have vaccinations up to date at least two weeks before their stay.

Please read the link below and ask

your vet for advice.




Collection & Drop off Service

€5 each way - within 5 miles/8 Km

from Celbridge

€10 each way - over 5 miles/8 km

from Celbridge.


               Price List for year 2020

€5 per day or €30 for 1 week - S/M size cage e.g. hamsters, gerbils, birds, etc.

€8 per day or €50 for 1 week - L/X L size cage e.g. Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Big birds, Turtles, Degus, Hedgehog, etc.

For each extra pet above the 2 bonded pets per cage, a charge of €2 per day applies.

Larger cages & Hutches are given priority.

For Reptiles there is an extra charge

of €1 per Day.

You are welcome to bring your pet’s cage, favourite toys, treats, blanket, etc. If you feel this will help your pet settle in better.

All prices include: Up to 2 bonded pets sharing the same indoor cage, we use different types of bedding, according to your pet needs, litter box, hay, housing, toys, natural treats, water bottles, fresh vegetables daily and also fruit & herbs.

You will need to bring your pet’s dry food.

Sand & Dust baths are also available for hamsters, gerbils and Chinchillas and for birds we supply, Budgie seeds, bird bath, sandpaper, millet spray, cuttlefish bone, calcium & mineral blocks.

Prices are per Day/Night  – Each day ending at 12 pm. (Midday)

C&C cages for guinea pigs.
2x5 C&C cage for guinea pigs
Outdoor guinea pig play pen area_
L/XL cages for guinea pigs
Vet bedding available
Indoor run play area for guinea pigs
yummy fresh vegetables
Hamster playground
Sample of all the hamster houses and play set.
Sample of a hamster playground
Chinchilla cage
Enjoying some time outside the cage
Bird cages - €8 per Day or €50 a week
160 cm indoor cage with play pen attached to it
Rabbit indoor cages €8 per Day or €50 for 1 week
Indoor run play area for rabbits
Holiday Hutches for Rabbits

Pet Sitting Service in the client's home

We feed, change the water, clean the cage & litter tray, play and give some attention to the pets, if need it. 

This service is for all small animals that cannot do boarding with us, don’t like boarding or where it will be very hard to transport their cage/aquarium such as cats, fish, multiple pets, etc.

Price starts at €15 per Day

for up to 3 pets.

or €100 for 1 week.

Pampering & Grooming Service for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

€10 - Pampering and grooming for guinea pigs


  • Brush/ comb

  • Hair cut if required 

  • Grease gland de-grease

  • Bath & Blowdry with hairdryer

  • Ear cleaning (only on visible folds on the outside of you guinea pigs ears)

  • Photos & Videos during and after groom.

  • All guinea pigs get a healthy treat and lots of cuddles.

€10 - Grooming service for Rabbits


  • Nail trimming

  • Hair cut of any clumps of tangled fur/matted hair

  • Cleaning the scent glands if required 

  • Brush/comb - use of our grooming tools 

  • Photos & Videos during and after groom.

  • All Rabbits get a healthy treat and lots of cuddles.