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 Our Services

We take small amounts of animals for the best quality care

Price List - Year 2023

Guinea pig boarding

Guinea pig Boarding


€8 per Day for 1 guinea pig

€12 for two sharing the same cage

€8 per Day for 1 chinchilla

€12 for two sharing the same cage


€10 per Day for 1 hedgehog


Rabbit boarding

Rabbit Boarding

€10 per Day for 1 rabbit

€15 per Day for two bonded rabbits

sharing the same pen or cage

Extra charge for the 10ft long pen


All rabbits must be fully vaccinated 

Nobivac Myxo RHD PLus that

covers all 3 virus 

Please note that bookings cannot be confirmed until we have a copy of your rabbit vaccination card or an invoice from the vet 

Hamster Boarding

€6 per Day for

1 Hamster

Hamster Boarding

Bird Boarding

€8 per Day for 1 budgie 

€8 per Day for 1 Lovebird

€10 per Day for 1 cockatiel

€10 per Day for a Galah Cockatoo Parrot

Birds boarding

Reptile Boarding

€10 per Day for 1 Turtle

€10 per Day for

1 Leopard Gecko

All prices include:

  • Top quality care with lots of attention and cuddles.

  • Indoor accommodation cage/pen                                                        

We have invested in a wide variety of materials that we assign only for your pet to use while boarding with us. 

  • Bedding, hide outs, litter box, toys, water bottles/ bowls.

  • Fresh water daily, chopped vegetables, herbs, fruit, homemade treats, apple and willow sticks, etc. 

  • We supply unlimited meadow & timothy hay, fresh grass to all pet herbivores.

  • For birds we supply, bird baths, millet spray, bird seed sticks.

  • Guinea pigs and rabbits are housed in separate outdoor areas and have their own pen's.

  • enrichment activities available for all pets boarding with us.

  • You are welcome to bring your pet's favourite toys, treats, blanket, etc. If you feel this will help your pet settle in better.

  • We will follow up with videos, photos updates to let you know how your pet is getting on.

  • All pet homes are thoroughly cleaned with pet-safe disinfectant between stays. We do a spot clean and change litters daily.   

  • Rooms are temperature monitored according to pet needs. Heating and air conditioning available to all rooms if need it. 

Other Services

Quoted on request for other small animals

or birds not listed.

Collection & Drop off Service

€5 each way - within 5 miles/8km from Celbridge

€10 each way - more than 5 miles/8km up to 10miles/16km from Celbridge 

Pampering & Grooming service available for

our boarding guests.


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