We have L/XL Size cages for Guinea pigs.

A couple of our cages have a platform ramp for a second floor.

Our C&C cages are 2x4 grids (about 145cm = 57" long);

2x7 grids (about 250cm = 98" Long) & can also be extended to 3x7 grids.

All guinea pigs stay indoors. The room is well insulated and heated at room temperature. Each guinea pig guest and our own guinea pigs have their designated Indoor cage to live in and also a large outdoor play pen with toys, tunnels & litter box available only for them. (weather permitting)

In the Summer they can spend up to 4 hours daily outside their cage in the outdoor run. (with owners consent)

In the winter and for the cold/very hot and rainy days we have a fixed set up play area, where they can have turns having some fun. 

Play area is cleaned with a pet-safe disinfectant, before the next pet uses and we assign toys, tunnels, blankets, etc. only for your pet to use while boarding with us. All runs & play areas are supervised. 

All rabbits have an XL indoor cage/pen available

We have a small amount of different size cages up to 200cm long

platform and removable run fence can also be attached to the cage.

New Indoor pen - 320cm - just over 10ft long.

We also have two story outdoor holiday hutches with a play pen attached available for rabbits to spend some time outdoors.

All rabbits stay indoors in our heated rabbit room. Rabbits can tolerate cold better than heat, so we regulate the room temperature to suit their needs.

We have a Air conditioning unit and also a fan to maintain a safe temperature in the summer hot Days, so this room is never above 21°C

From October - March/May, indoor rabbits will be indoors. We only let them outdoors in the warmer days with owners consent. 

Outdoor rabbits can spend more time outdoors in the hutches as they are used to. They will also have an indoor cage available to spend the night and in bad weather. (low & high temperatures)

Rabbits are intelligent and can be litter-trained. We provide a litter tray to all our rabbit guests and encourage all rabbits staying with us to use it.

Litter trays are changed daily.

Rabbits staying with us are checked regularly and given lots of attention & cuddles from us and are also given 4 to 6 hours daily in our Large indoor run or play pen attached to their cage. We monitor outdoor temperatures and when the weather is warm they can also spend time in our outdoors fenced in run play area, to exercise and have fun, just the way we treat our own pets.

All runs & play areas are supervised.

If you wish for your pet to only stay indoors we can provide lots of activities for them and let them roam around indoors, if required.​

We have Medium size cages - 84cm long  & Large cages 100cm + long available for hamsters, pet mice, gerbils and small birds, but you are welcome to bring their own cage.

We also have  L/X L size cages available for big birds, chinchillas, hedgehog, etc.

Play areas, homemade healthy treats and lots of activities are available to all pets boarding with us.

Check out our gallery for photos of some of our play areas - Hamster playground; Bird play area; Guinea pig play area; Rabbit room play area, etc.

Your pet will not mix with any other boarding pets while in our care, except for their own cage mate, if they have one. 

We don't do boarding for dogs, cats, ferrets or snakes.

Please check our pet sitting services.