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  • Little Pets Holiday home is a family run business. We provide a Small Animal Boarding service for pets such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Turtles, etc.

  • We are professional, qualified in Animal care and with over 20 years experience  in looking after our own pets, so we can assure you that we will look after your pet the same as our own, with lots of care, cuddles and personal attention.                                                 

  • We have a Collection & Drop Off service available.


  • We provide a pampering & grooming service for our rabbit and guinea pig guests.  ​      ​​

  • Our aim is to provide a secure, clean and safe environment for small animals, where they can relax, have fun and enjoy their stay. We want to provide an affordable and professional service for small animals,  caring for animals is what we are passionate about it.​


  • We believe that your pet should also have a great holiday, that's why we don't take large amounts of animals at one time, so we can give all our guests lots of personal attention. We also provide lots of activities for them, we have spacious cages and great indoor play areas with a variety of toys tunnels, etc. for your pet to spend some time outside of their cage (if required). Guinea pig and rabbit outdoor run, play areas are also available for the dry and warmer days.

Our Aim
Rabbit Boarding
  • We have a purpose designed outhouse building to look after your small pet animal. It's secure, safe, well insulated and heated at room temperature. It's the perfect environment for a prey animal, away from the noise, where they feel safe, surrounded by their own kind and also have daily human personal attention that they need. Our own guinea pigs live in it and love it and so far all our guinea pigs guests love it too and have so much fun in the guinea pig run play area.  


  • We have a separate room that we use for rabbits to stay. It is heated in the winter and we have an air conditioner unit available to keep the room temperature cool for the hot summer days as rabbit can tolerate cold better than heat. They also have a indoor run play area with a variety of toys, tunnels, etc. We monitor outdoor temperatures and when the weather is warm rabbits and guinea pigs go outdoors. Separate outdoor run play areas available for them to spend some time outside their cage to explore, have fun and excercise daily.

  • Birds stay in a different indoor room from the guinea pigs, rabbits, hamster, chinchilla, etc. and we set up an indoor tree play area for them to spend time outside their cage if required and with the bird's owner consent. 

  • Stimulation, both mental and physical is essential for the health and well being of all animals. We provide spacious cages and lots of activities for all small pets boarding with us. All appropriate for different types of animals. 

Our facilities
10ft long indoor pen for rabbits
10ft long indoor pen for rabbits

10ft long indoor pen holiday accomodation for rabbits.

10ft long indoor pen for rabbits
10ft long indoor pen for rabbits

10ft long indoor pen holiday accomodation for rabbits.

Holiday play pen
Holiday play pen

Indoor play area set up for our guinea pigs to have some floor time.

Holiday play pen
Holiday play pen


  • It is great for us and pet owners to see them having so much fun on their holiday. Animals don't lie, they only show happiness if they are happy. The only way this can happen is by creating the right environment for them giving them the attention that they deserve by spending time with them and also give them the freedom to express themselves.                                     

  • Your pet will not mix with any other boarding pets while in our care, except for their own cage mate, if they have one. 


  • Pet homes are cleaned daily and thoroughly disinfected between stays. Indoor play areas are clean with pet-safe disinfectant before the next pet uses them and we have invested in a wide variety of materials that we assign only for your pet to use while boarding with us.


  • We are based in Celbridge, Co.Kildare, just 15 mins from the M50 and a 30 mins to Dublin Airport and Dublin city centre.

  • We are a handy location to drop off and pick up on the way to Dublin airport.

            089/4258571                           littlepetsholidayhome@gmail.com          

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