Grooming is part of the normal health care routine for guinea pigs and rabbits.

  • Fur brushing and removal of any dirt, clumps or tangled fur

  • Checking their weight, eyes, teeth, ears, skin, fur for signs/symptoms of parasites, mites, lice,etc.

  • Trimming nails.

  • Checking their bottom side and cleaning it,  if need it. (this can also prevent flystrike)

Rabbits constantly groom themselves, so they will always have some hair in their system, but regular brushing, especially during a heavy shedding period, will help reduce the amount of hair that can be swallowed and will make them feel great specially in the warmer weather. 

Our daily/weekly check routine includes fur brushing and we use different types of small animal brushes and combs (sterilized for each pet) to remove

excess top coat.

For undercoat Desheding, we offer a grooming service where we use different types of grooming tools such as combs and furminator tools that remove the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the top coat.